increase your energy with massage

How to Get the Most out of your Massage

This Blog post is by our Acupuncturist Kat Ao and Heather Thompson RMT. Do Your Exercises Massage therapy can improve the nutrition of joints, increase the blood supply to the muscles, and undo or prevent formations of muscle adhesions. The … Continue reading

Equilibrium Massage Therapy - Acupuncture Treatment

7 Unexpected Benefits of Acupuncture

Have you tried acupuncture yet? It can change your life! If you haven’t tried it, I invite you to consider booking a treatment. Needles can be scary, but the thing about acupuncture is that the needles so thin that you … Continue reading

Are you drinking enough water?

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

In our last post we talked about whether or not . So this brings the question, are you drinking enough water as part of your daily routine? Most of us need to drink more water – that’s a fact – … Continue reading

Should you drink water after massage?

Fact or Myth: Drinking Water After Massage Flushes Toxins

Have you ever been told that you should drink water after a massage to help flush out the toxins that were released during the treatment? It kind of makes sense on the surface, but is it true? It is, in … Continue reading

poor posture back pain

Is Poor Posture to Blame For Your Lower Back Pain?

Sore lower back getting you down? You’re not alone. Stats show that over 80% of Canadians will experience back pain at some point in their lives. The causes are many—from sprains, strains and injury to the more chronic arthritis, osteoporosis, … Continue reading

gift of massage

Give the Gift of Massage This Holiday Season

Are you stuck for Christmas present ideas? Unsure what to get the person who has everything? This year, it’s time to stop guessing and start giving what everyone wants: a massage. A massage is a thoughtful gift that’s never returned, … Continue reading

massage exercise

5 Ways Massage Makes Exercise Easier

You’ve heard it a million times: Exercise is the key to losing weight, keeping energy levels up, preventing bone and muscle loss, elevating your mood…the list goes on and on. We know it’s good for us, so why don’t we … Continue reading

deep dissue massage

Why You Shouldn’t Fear the Deep Tissue Massage

The term ‘deep tissue massage’ sends shivers down many people’s spines. It’s often thought of as a painful and uncomfortable experience that takes days to recover from. But what you may not know is that deep tissue massage isn’t as … Continue reading

history of massage

9 Amazing Historical Facts About Massage

Massage therapy is one of the oldest forms of healing. It’s been in practice for thousands of years and has been used by cultures around the world to relieve pain, restore balance, and promote wellbeing. Its customs and techniques are … Continue reading

beauty benefits of massage

The Surprising Beauty Benefits of Massage

Want a smoother complexion? Firmer skin? Shinier hair? Of course you do! But before you head to the beauty aisle, maybe it’s time to take a more hands-on approach. A good massage does more than just relax your muscles. It … Continue reading