If being physically well is vital to you Max is here to help. Whether you wish to prehabilitate (prevent injury), recover from injury, or just to improve your state of health and function. Max offers a unique focus on the treatment of the body.

Exercise is vital to his physical, mental and emotional state of mind. From a long pursued practice in martial arts and resistance training he has learned many ways to prevent himself from being side lined from physical vulnerabilities. He has kept learning in order to help others. Max can understand firsthand what struggling to do what he loves but being unable to do it is like.

Addressing your current physical issues or future ones, whether clear or hidden, it is Max’s job to help you function the best you possibly can. Reading the signs that your body is showing, understanding what it means and implementing a plan to assist in your physical improvement is his goal.

Max was trained in Halifax Nova Scotia. He graduated from The Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in the spring of 2016. It was there that he began to refine his skills with a focus mostly on sports related treatment approaches.

Max has had previous experience in the health care field as a Personal Support Worker (PSW). He graduated from Algonquin College in Ottawa in 2012. He spent his time as a PSW in long term care facilities. It was there that Max began his passion in helping those in need.

He has since continued training and has learned more subtle and still effective ways to treat as well. Max does believe that deep pressure is not the answer to every problem and more subtle approaches have proven to be equally effective in many cases. Though deep pressure does feel good sometimes!

Max came to Victoria to explore the beautiful island and make a home here. He looks forward to learning all that he can and helping those who need it.