Our Team

"This was an amazing experience! I had my first massage with Brenly. This was amazing! She targeted all the spots that were tight and was very careful on the tender muscles. I left without paying a dime because they direct billed my insurance provider! This experience was so awesome I decided to try Acupuncture as well. I found a time slot super easily on their appointment scheduler online. I went in for my second appointment with equilibrium and my very first ever acupuncture treatment. Kat was amazing and she explained what she was doing and why. She asked a lot of questions and targeted areas that were important tome. She even took away a lot of the pain in my neck from working at a desk all day. I decided that I absolutely love coming to Equilibrium! Yesterday I noticed they also have a chiropractor!!!!! So I made an appointment to see Dr. Marc! BONUS POINTS because he was available that afternoon! I left there feeling like a whole new human!"

" I was in pain in my neck, right shoulder, & back for 2 whole months…I feel so much better, I could cry!!! Thank You! "

" Equilibrium Massage Therapy is a wonderful service! The therapists are kind, compassionate and highly skilled at what they do. I have been a regular client of Brenda’s since 2003, and don’t know what I would do without massage therapy. I highly recommend Equilibrium! "

" Thank you Brenda, you get to my spots and give me the relief and a resolution and for a price that takes my dollar further!! "

" Hi Victor- the “test-run” last weekend was a success!! I didn’t have any hip-pain during or after running (approx. 8km)!! Thanks again for helpful recommendations and a great treatment! "

" What a great place to go if you want to leave feeling better! Ali Mitchell is truly wonderful. Not only does she have healing hands, a deep understanding about how the body works and a profound capacity for empathy, her presence is calming and lovely to be around. "

" Ali Mitchell is a gifted Registered Massage Therapist. I am lucky to have found her after experiencing serious back injuries in a car accident. Ali stands apart from other therapists I have seen for her knowledge, compassion, professionalism and her innate ability to improve and resolve pain issues. "

" I just had another amazing massage from Kyla. After another stressful day, her strong hands melted the kinks out of my tense muscles. She is professional and thoughtful in her approach and each session has left me feeling rejuvenated. "

" I have been nothing but pleased by all of your therapists. It makes booking a lot easier when you know that you can choose any number of them to get the care you need. "

" I believe that my therapist (Ali) is helping me on my own healing journey on a physical, mental and emotional level. "

" What a wonderful therapist I have found in Ali Mitchell. She is both professional and personable and creates a safe and peaceful environment for each visit. And her massages are truly amazing! "

" Brenda – as always – u guys offer a great service and I have had a number of therapists at Equilibrium – I have never had a bad experience – yesterday I came in because of an injury "

" I was not used to having massage until I met Nancy. She is fantastic! With her gentle fingers moving through my body, I felt my tight muscles could relax completely. Moreover, her nice voice and easy-going character made my tense nerves relaxed too! "

" My visit to Equilibrium was great as usual. It’s apparent that this company is trying to set itself apart from other providers of massage therapy etc and it’s excellent to see. Melanie was superb and made me feel welcome and comfortable. She was professional yet friendly and I would recommend anyone to visit Equilibrium to see any of the RMTs that I have seen. "

" My son and I were in a MVA recently. We have been to Equilibrium for several sessions. The comfortable space, calming music and tea combined with a great model of care and very professional therapists – makes each visit a great experience and has helped me and my son begin to feel better. "

" Ali is irreplaceable. So many RMTs I try don’t come close. She is so technically precise. She’d make a great surgeon. I missed her for 8 months and I paid for it… there is a reason I booked her 3 times in 4 days. 🙂 "

" I had a 45min session with Gary and it was my first RMT experience. I’ve had a lot of relaxation massages and have always come away thinking something was missing with the experience. "

" Dear Victor, I must tell you without blushing that I love you….and so does my husband, Gus. We drove today to Tofino and the drive went so well with me having little pain and no problems. "

" That was hands down the best massage I’ve ever had! Thank you, Wendy, for those kinks I had in my upper back and neck were hell. You saved me from the pain I had been experiencing for weeks in my dead-end job! Thanks so much, I will definitely be returning here. "

" Wendy was awesome. Best massage I’ve ever had. I’ll be back for sure. "

" I have been using Equilibrium since October 2015. The results for me personally have been outstanding. Ashley is an amazing RMT. She has allowed me to become pain-free and gain additional mobility. Kat’s acupuncture treatments have also been of great benefit. I have recommended Equilibrium to all my friends and co-workers. "

" Brenda was very lovely. So kind and took the proper time to get to know what areas to focus on. She is extremely knowledgable and kind. "

" Ashley is the first RMT I’ve ever seen who has actually listened to what’s bothering me every time and addressed it! She’s lovely and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thanks to the whole Equilibrium team! "

" I have been looking for someone that could deliver an amazing massage and I found the ticket with Jesse Hansen!!!! She is absolutely fantastic, knowing exactly what I needed and putting heat on every part she had just massaged and moving on. She is telepathic I am sure. I will be back to her from now on. Thanks Jesse for making my day with your 90 minutes of total relaxation, and a blissful, Zen-like experience."

" I just wanted to pass on a HUGE thank you to the girls who were working yesterday. I called in at about 930am for a 945am appointment I had booked a week or so earlier to let them know I was still coming but was going to be about 20 minutes late. "

" Dr. Bijman worked with me through my work related incident and was the first chiropractor that actually spent more then 45 min taking detailed notes, asking great questions, giving me researched opinions and resources. "

" AMY IS SHORT ON STATURE, BUT A HUGE HEART AND STRONG HANDS!!!!. She really knows the body, and how it works and can really work out your kinks, aches, and pain. One of the best in Victoria!! Which is why my wife and I keep coming back AGAIN AND AGAIN to AMY. "

" Dr. Marc is a very kind-hearted and passionate individual. He spends a lot of time with you and asks about your hobbies and interests which play a role in his treatments. I found this very interesting because most doctors do not create specific treatment plans based on different lifestyles. I can safely say I would trust him to treat my family because of this and his comfortable adjustments. Highly recommended! "

" Dr. Marc is an outstanding Chiropractor. He is very knowledgeable and passionate. He understands what his patients need and goes above and beyond to help them the best way he can. He can also give a good crack! Highly recommended "

" Had an amazing experience at Equilibrium today! Great atmosphere and customer service from start to finish. I can’t recommend Travis Davison highly enough. He was awesome! Really listened to my issues and made sure to focus on the areas I needed work on. Already booked my return visit. Well done Travis!! "

" Dr. Bijman is an amazing chiropractor! He is very professional and has a wealth of knowledge to share. His approach is very thorough - great for anyone looking to try chiropractic for the first time or seeking a second opinion/more individualized approach. He is also very personable and genuinely cares about his patients. Highly recommended! "

" Dr. Marc is amazing. He's one of the best chiropractors in the area. Kind, patient and knowledgable. He took the time to listen to me and find the root of my problem. I have never felt better! Highly recommended. "

" Well decorated office with personable and helpful staff. Always has a pot of brewed tea for customers to enjoy, as well as some dark chocolates on the desk. Comfortable seating in the waiting room and some of the most delightful massage tables I've come across. If you need heated everything, they have it. The table articulation adds a greater degree of comfort. 10/10 will go again. "

" I've been going to Equilibrium for a little while for chronic pain, and Hannah has been my RMT since the beginning. I can't recommend her enough! She works magic on perpetually sore and exhausted muscles, and has been a huge help in treating my pain. "

" Out of the several chiropractors I've seen, Dr. Bijman is definitely the best. He is very thorough in his approach and is very much a people person/easy to talk to. He truly cares about each individual and what's going on in their lives - he understands all realms of health, not just in the physical sense. Additionally, I used to have sharp pain in my neck and shoulders after sitting for long hours at my desk job - now I'm pain-free! Between Dr. Bijman and Dr. Matthew Tyler, the physiotherapist he referred me to, the treatment plan is working and I'm so grateful. I highly recommend him :) "

" This place is wonderful. So peaceful and relaxing. I had the best massage today and feel amazing! I highly recommend visiting them to fix whatever ails you. Travis rocks! "

" The staff here are incredible and the atmosphere is great. My recover from a car accident went really well in their care. "

" Excellent people, very organized booking system and I love the direct billing. I appreciate the opportunity of both locations. The new location is very inviting and open and quite pleasing. Good luck! Michelle ROCKS! "

" I can’t say enough about these wonderful, skilled, intentional people! Dr. Bijman worked with me through my work-related incident and was the first chiropractor that actually spent more than 45 min taking detailed notes, asking great questions, giving me researched opinions and resources. He was amazing with his care, putting a heat pack on my back to losses my muscles before giving me treatment. He also worked with me in the gym to give me specific exercises but not too many, just enough to target my area of need. He also wrote extra reports to support my WCB claim. I highly recommend him and I do so after having several different chiropractors in Victoria. "

" Love, love, love, CARLY! Best massages I have probably ever gotten. She definitely listens to where I am hurting and address said issues. I always get a deep tissue massage and leave feeling much better. Thanks, Carly!!!! "

" I've had many great experiences here with Megan- she is wonderful and does a great job. The rooms are nice (I love that the massage tables are heated!) and cozy. It is easy to book online and rebook when necessary. I've recommended this place to my partner and 2 colleagues, all of whom have come and loved their experience too. "

"I went here for Osteopathy with Joel after having an incredible experience in Edmonton with an Osteopath. It was a similarly incredible experience with instant as well as prolonged benefit and relief. Joel has an extensive understanding of the body structure and mechanics. I’ll definitely be back!"

"Had a massage session with Colleen today and my body instantly feels way better from the fatigue I got from work. I required more than medium strength and she was able to provide the right amount of pressure on the right area! Highly recommend her!"