Our Team

Demi Palmer , Reg. Acupuncturist

Demi Palmer is working at our Yates and Tillicum locations.

Demi Palmer is a graduate of Pacific Rim College and a licensed acupuncturist with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia. Her journey to find a career where her love for biology and psychology would combine began when she met an acupuncturist in one of her art classes. She became fascinated with the holistic nature of Chinese Medicine and the unique support it offers complex issues such as headaches, menstrual disorders, sleep disturbances, reduced immunity, low energy levels, digestive issues, and mental health concerns.

As a registered acupuncturist, Demi’s approach aims to treat underlying root causes rather than masking symptoms. Each person has their own unique blueprint for health which involves a complex interplay of physiology, lifestyle, and their environment. Demi’s treatments include a personalized combination of acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, electrical stimulation, gua sha, tui na massage, infrared heat, and moxibustion. To provide a comprehensive and tailored treatment plan, Demi may include specific exercise and movement recommendations, diet modifications, and stress reduction tactics.

Her areas of interest include reproductive and sexual health, depression, anxiety, stress management, musculoskeletal injuries, along with acute and chronic pain. Her goal is to help people connect to their bodies, restore tranquility, and facilitate healing and well-being.

When not in the clinic Demi enjoys oil painting, cycling, swimming, and doting on her house plants. Demi fell in love with Vancouver Island when she moved from a small town in Alberta to study Traditional Chinese Medicine, and she takes every opportunity she can to hike and explore.