Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries Victoria, BC

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Nicki A.

" I can’t say enough about these wonderful, skilled, intentional people! Dr. Bijman worked with me through my work-related incident and was the first chiropractor that actually spent more than 45 min taking detailed notes, asking great questions, giving me researched opinions and resources. He was amazing with his care, putting a heat pack on my back to losses my muscles before giving me treatment. He also worked with me in the gym to give me specific exercises but not too many, just enough to target my area of need. He also wrote extra reports to support my WCB claim. I highly recommend him and I do so after having several different chiropractors in Victoria. "

Troy C.

" The staff here are incredible and the atmosphere is great. My recover from a car accident went really well in their care. "


" My son and I were in a MVA recently. We have been to Equilibrium for several sessions. The comfortable space, calming music and tea combined with a great model of care and very professional therapists – makes each visit a great experience and has helped me and my son begin to feel better. "


" Ali Mitchell is a gifted Registered Massage Therapist. I am lucky to have found her after experiencing serious back injuries in a car accident. Ali stands apart from other therapists I have seen for her knowledge, compassion, professionalism and her innate ability to improve and resolve pain issues. "

Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of injuries. Just alone in 2017, there were over 160,000 thousand motor vehicle accidents in Canada. The damage after a car accident can be immense. There are both fatalities and injuries. An accident injury from a car accident can vary from person to person, but there are some common ones.

Common motor vehicle accident injuries

Head and back injuries from a car accident are typically the most serious. Head injuries can lead to vision problems, skull fractures and concussions. With a concussion, you may experience dizziness and headaches. Another common car accident injury is a herniated disk. Neck and chest injuries are also common, with whiplash being the most common accident injury. Whiplash can be very painful and restrict movement. The sudden movement of the neck and head in a car accident can cause whiplash. Blunt force trauma from a car accident can collapse lungs and break ribs.

Indeed, car accidents can result in a wide variety of injuries. For a quicker recovery, it’s best to engage in a multifaceted treatment approach.

The reasons why you should get physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy and osteopathy treatments after a motor vehicle accident

There are many, many reasons to undergo manual therapy after you’ve been in a car crash. It supports the recovery process. After a car accident, you may experience pain, reduced range of motion, headaches or stiffness. Keep in mind that these symptoms may not appear right after a car accident. Our therapists help you to keep pain symptoms at bay, improve flexibility, increase strength and recover faster. It can also prevent long-term damage from a car accident, including migraines and chronic pain. The sooner you get treatment after a car accident, the more likely you are to have a pain-free life. As a matter of fact, a Medscape study revealed that those who didn’t receive treatment intervention were much more likely to suffer from degenerative disc disease.

Manual therapy also helps reduce pain. Exercise pumps oxygen, blood and nutrients to the injury site and enhances healing. Every exercise and stretch has a specific goal for recovery and improves function and mobility. A manual practitioner such as a physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist or osteopath will develop a personalized treatment plan targeted to your car injury. Treatment after a car accident from one of our experienced practitioners can also help you avoid surgery. Strengthening ligaments, tendons, and muscles, help protect the body’s structures. It’s also a much more cost-effective solution.

Manual therapy can also restore function in patients with old car accident injuries. You can still benefit from therapeutic treatments even if you had an injury years ago. Using rehab techniques and strength training, it can help relieve old pain and improve mobility. Plus, it’s a non-invasive treatment, and you won’t wind up having to rely on pain medications for relief.

Physiotherapists can even treat vertigo due to a car accident. In as little as one treatment, they can fix a dysfunction in the vestibular system. Types of manual therapy at Equilibrium include massage therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy. These practitioners use a combination of treatment types including manual manipulation, ultrasound, ice and cold therapy, specific exercises, targeted massage, and stretching. It’s a holistic approach to healing after being in a car accident.

ICBC Treatment programs

As of April 1st, 2019, ICBC has stepped up their commitment to make sure that those who have been in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) have access to the treatment that they need. If you have been in an MVA on or after April 1, 2019, you are covered for 12 RMT treatments, 12 Acupuncture treatments, 25 Physiotherapy treatments, and 25 Chiropractic treatments within 12 weeks of the date of your accident. ICBC is working with you to provide lots of options for recovery from motor vehicle accidents. If you fall outside of these parameters, please be sure to give us a call to discuss your personal situation. We will do our best to get you the answers and the treatment that you need to fully recover from your injuries.

Please check our direct billing page for information on coverage for MVA’s by ICBC.

If you’re suffering from a car accident injury, don’t delay any longer. Contact Equilibrium today, and let our highly trained therapists help you get on your road to recovery. During your first appointment, we’ll have a one-on-one consultation with you, do a comprehensive evaluation and create a treatment plan targeted for your injury. We’ve helped many others recover from a car accident injury and can help you too.