Cosmetic Acupuncture

Health conscious individuals everywhere are embracing cosmetic acupuncture as a way to refresh their appearance without surgery or injections of neurotoxins (Botox, Dysport). Youthfulness and beauty are more than skin deep so Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture addresses the internal causes of skin aging from the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective as well as at the skin surface.

The package:

The full ten-treatment package is designed to provide lasting results by working with the skin’s natural growth cycle and collagen production time frame to retrain the skin matrix. The ideal schedule is treatment twice a week, spaced at least a full day apart, for five to six weeks. Each treatment will give you temporary glow and around treatment #6 the changes happening at the dermis layer will start to visibly surface. Improvements continue to appear for a few weeks after the package ends as the rest of the collagen sets. 

Please book a single session to get started on your package in order to experience a treatment, get a skin and health assessment to gauge potential results, and have all your questions answered! Afterwards, you can choose to sign up for the remaining 9 treatments. Single sessions can also be used like a facial as a treat for your skin, or as tune-up maintenance after your package is complete.

The results:

Results vary depending on the state of your health and skin at the beginning of your package. Honestly, no one ends up looking like they had a face-lift.  Everyone can expect softer, fuller, smoother, firmer skin.  Other results can include diminished fine lines and wrinkles, lifting of softening jawline and jowls, younger eyes (less puffy, darkness, drooping), and smoother skin tone and coloration. Results can last 2-5 years, depending on the level of age-inducing stressors in your life. One way to maximize the lifespan of your results is to come back in for tune-up treatments, similar to maintenance facials, every 6-8 weeks. Your practitioner will also provide information about nutrition, lifestyle, and Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal possibilities to maximize and maintain your younger look.

The treatment:

Each Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment lasts about 50 minutes. Consider arriving make-up free or bring makeup to touch up the areas that get cleansed for hygienic needling. Eye makeup is fine because there is no needling directly into the thin skin surrounding the eyes. Your face will be treated with a gel exfoliator and then cleansed with a toner.  Tiny hair-thin needles are inserted into the skin of the face to bring Qi to the skin and create gentle micro-traumas at the dermis layer to promote collagen and elastin production. Traditional acupuncture points on the body will also be needled to address deficiencies of Qi, Yin, Blood (all of which nourish the skin and naturally decline with age), promote better sleep and digestion, and decrease stress. After a 30-minute “acu-nap” the needles are removed and nourishing facial serums are applied to give your skin all the building blocks it needs.  

Because the face has an excellent blood supply, bruising is an infrequent side effect. Bruises are usually small and fade quickly.  It is recommended to stop taking the following supplements during your package because they increase the risk of bruising: aspirin, fish oil, Omega 3&6 supplements, Vitamin E, flax seed oil.

Who is a good candidate?

Most people choosing to do cosmetic acupuncture are aged 40-75, but some as young as 25 have found benefit in the refreshed appearance and aging prevention.  Beyond age 75 the skin has sometimes already thinned too much to respond well to this treatment – if you think this might be you, please contact the clinic to set up a consult. People with the following conditions are generally not good candidates due to the possibility of unpleasant or dangerous side effects: taking blood thinners or bruise easily, migraines, seizures, uncontrolled high blood pressure, disorders of connective tissue, collagen, or elastin.

What are the costs?

Initial or Single session: $140

Follow up 9 session package: $1080