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Rolfing is a hands-on method that uses slow, sustained pressure with the goal of releasing habituated patterns that lead to tension and pain. Rolfing is about change, changing the way you feel and the way you move. Patient and Practitioner work together in each session, which involves client participation that involves: reaching, contracting, using the senses, and other movements to build better body awareness. The goal is to align the structure in gravity such that the human body can move with ease. You can expect results to range from better coordination to better movement, increased body awareness, and becoming more adaptable and resilient to life’s stressors. Patients are asked to wear attire that allows access to the back, and lower legs, therefore, running shorts and a sports bra are appropriate for women, and running shorts and shirtless for men. For more information, Contact Us Today at Victoria, BC Center.

Joel Cosman – Osteopath

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