Sport Injury Massage Treatment Victoria, BC

Sport Injury Massage Treatment

Sports Massage is a system of techniques designed to help athletes increase performance and prevent injuries during training and competition. This kind of massage is interactive and goal oriented in its approach focusing on increasing fluidity, power, and performance as well as decreasing the potential for overuse injuries and the length of recovery time. Anyone can benefit from receiving this kind of work. Whether you are an athlete or just work long hours at your desk, sports massage can help you feel less stiff and sore throughout your entire body. It can also help you feel more balanced in your daily routine and give you greater range of motion and fluidity in your movements.

Pre-Event Sport Massage

Pre-event massage stimulates circulation, calms nervous tension, and prepares the athlete for optimal performance while reducing the chances of injury. This type of massage is applied for a short period of time, relative to the body part(s) that will be utilized most intensively during the event, and is usually applied 15-45 minutes prior to an event.

Post-Event Sport Massage

Post-event massage helps in recovery from hard training and competition. This massage is best administered following an event once the athlete has cooled down and, preferably, is no longer actively sweating. However, it can be administered within hours following the event. The main goals are to reduce the effects of the event such as pain, inflammation and muscle tension. For more information, Contact Us today at our Victoria, BC Centre.

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