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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is the manipulation of soft tissues, fascia and joints of the body to augment physical function, reduce tension and relieve pain.  These are descriptions of some of the types of treatments that the Registered Massage Therapists at our clinic use:

We use high quality massage creams, so you won’t feel oily after your massage.  We take Visa, MasterCard, cash, cheque and do direct billing to insurance companies.

30 Minutes
$ 60
45 Minutes
$ 80
60 Minutes
$ 100
75 Minutes
$ 120
90 Minutes
$ 140
120 Minutes
$ 180

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More and more people are turning to Acupuncture for help with:

  • Pain relief: Treatments for acute injuries and chronic pain focus on the nervous and circulatory systems to create an analgesic effect.
  • Stress management: Treatments to restore homeostasis focus on regulating blood pressure, the nervous system, and endocrine functions.
  • Pre-natal and post-natal care: Treatments focus on endocrine functions to reduce interventions and enhance recovery during and after pregnancy.
  • Health maintenance: Treatments focus on improving food metabolism, immune responses, neural and hormonal functions, and biological rhythms.

Our bodies are meant to change. Blood moves elements, nerves send and receive signals, lymph drains waste, emotions come and go. Acupuncture encourages the proper circulation we need to manage everyday activities and the unexpected.

An acupuncture session lasts 30, 45 or 60 minutes, during which you are continuously being worked on. The session includes a combination of acupuncture, moxibustion, and semi-permanent micro-needling, and some shiatsu or Jin Shin Do Acupressure massage, if requested. To read more about Acupuncture, click here.

Fees are covered by most extended health insurance plans. For those with MSP Premium Assistance, a portion of the fee will be reimbursed. Members of Veterans Affairs, RCMP, and the Canadian Forces get Acupuncture treatments covered.

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30 Minutes
$ 52
45 Minutes
$ 70
60 Minutes
$ 90

Manual Osteopathy and Rolfing

Rolfing is a hands-on method that uses slow, sustained pressure with the goal of releasing habituated patterns that lead to tension and pain. Rolfing is about change, changing the way you feel and the way you move. Client and Practitioner work together in each session, which involves client participation that involves: reaching, contracting, using the senses, and other movements to build better body awareness. The goal is to align the structure in gravity such that the human body can move with ease. You can expect results to range from better coordination, to better movement, increased body awareness, and becoming more adaptable and resilient to life’s stressors.

Clients are asked to wear attire that allows access to the back, and lower legs, therefore, running shorts and a sports bra are appropriate for women, and running shorts and shirtless for men.

Manual Osteopathy is a hands-on method of treatment whose purpose is to restore function in the body by finding and addressing the primary causes of pain and imbalance. There is an inextricable relationship between the structure and function of the body. The goal is to restore the position, mobility, and vitality to the structures of the body and allow it to return to a more natural, healthy state. At the heart of this work is the philosophy that the body has the innate ability to regulate and heal itself. The key to this process is the unimpeded circulation of the body’s fluids. These vital liquids carry many of the body’s life-sustaining compounds, such as hormones, enzymes and their secretions, immune and anti-inflammatory factors, neural impulses, nutritional elements, and dissolved gases such as oxygen. They also serve as the medium for removing and excreting the bi-products of digestion and cellular respiration. When these processes are happening optimally the body has a much greater capacity for health and wellness.

Clients are asked to wear attire that allows access to the back, and lower legs, therefore, running shorts and a sports bra are appropriate for women, and running shorts and shirtless for men.

60 minutes
$ 110
75 Minutes
$ 135