WCCMT Vancouver was the start of Barb’s Massage Therapy career over 20 years ago.As a child playing Basketball,Softball ,Rugby, Piano and other instruments, she has always been fascinated by the capacity of humans to learn and change. Barb’s Bachelor of Arts from the University of
Alberta focused on Medical Sociology. Epidemiology (or who gets ill and why) built upon her innate curiosity about patterns of robust health and less than robust health in individuals and society as a whole.
Barb had the immense luck to study with John Barnes of Myofascial Release in Hawaii, California and Vancouver as well as one of his sons at a week long clinical intensive at Therapy on the Rocks in Sedona, Arizona. This good fortune extended when she was able to study with Roger Callahan, the late developer of TFT( Thought Field Therapy,or tapping) in California and Canada. The Meridians and Acupressure points used in TFT and the way the body is reflected onto the foot in Reflexology continue to be a source of study for Barb.
She is also a Group Fitness Instructor, registered with BCPRA with
Bellyfit as a focus. Bellyfit combines Barb’s lifelong love of World
Music with a thorough incorporation of the Mudras of Yoga, body
positioning and the power of breath of Pilates and the joy and brain
workout of dance moves.

Barb is deeply respectful of the connection of what we consume into our
bodies and how our brains, emotions and bodies function.
Neurotransmitters are a source of fascination.

Barb looks forward to meeting you where you are today, and is honored
to be part of the journey of the people she meets.