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Online Video Tele-Rehabilitation Appointments Now Available!

We pride ourselves on focusing on our patient’s best interest for health and wellness. We thank you for trusting us with your health care needs and hope you are navigating these difficult times with fortitude. To support the Health Authority, our medical system, our doctors and nurses, we are doing our part to practice social distancing, wherever possible.  

Out of an abundance of concern for our patients, we are offering online video appointments with our physiotherapists, chiropractors and kinesiologists. If you feel uncomfortable with in person treatments and would prefer to consult with a practitioner online, please get in touch with us to set up an appointment now.


What Would an Online Tele-Rehab Appointment be like?

In a confidential, “FaceTime – like” session, our clinicians will focus on your RECOVERY. Expect to learn ways you can control your pain symptoms, be coached in tailored exercises and talk about your concerns with our experienced and caring team. 

What Will I Need to Be Able to Have an Appointment?

You will need:

  • A computer or laptop that has camera and audio capabilities.
  • The web browser Google Chrome or Firefox.
  • A quiet safe space around your computer where you can move and do exercise.
  • Access to your phone in an unlikely event of a disconnection.

Does my Insurance Cover?

At the moment, ICBC is covering until March 31, 2020 and there are a few Extended Health Insurance Companies that are covering as well.  These are unprecedented times, so we expect that ICBC will keep extending coverage until the threat of the pandemic is over.  We also expect insurance companies to be updating their coverage to reflect the special circumstances that we are in.  These are the insurance companies covering as of Mar. 26, 2020.  Please check your insurance coverage (as not all policies in these companies are covered), or call for an updated list:

  • ICBC
  • Great West Life
  • SunLife
  • Group Health
  • Pacific Blue Cross