Nicki A.

July 24th, 2019

I can’t say enough about these wonderful, skilled, intentional people! Dr. Bijman worked with me through my work-related incident and was the first chiropractor that actually spent more than 45 min taking detailed notes, asking great questions, giving me researched opinions and resources. He was amazing with his care, putting a heat pack on my back to losses my muscles before giving me treatment. He also worked with me in the gym to give me specific exercises but not too many, just enough to target my area of need. He also wrote extra reports to support my WCB claim. I highly recommend him and I do so after having several different chiropractors in Victoria. And I would be silly not to take a moment to recognize the amazing office staff. The ladies at the front are the kind hearted captains of this finely tuned ship. They are authentic to talk with, and amazing with paperwork, follow up emails, and phone calls. The place wouldn’t run the same without them. (And they always made sure the place was looking like a rest haven and the Silk Road tea was ready for you when you got there!) Amazing!