July 22nd, 2019

I just wanted to pass on a HUGE thank you to the girls who were working yesterday. I called in at about 930am for a 945am appointment I had booked a week or so earlier to let them know I was still coming but was going to be about 20 minutes late. I’d had a rotten morning, a straw that broke the camel’s back kind of thing and was in tears and failing miserably at holding it together while on the phone. When I got there, the young woman (I’m so sorry, I don’t know her name) greeted me, still teary, and asked if I still wanted to have the treatment. I did, and so rather than me losing out on 20 minutes of my 90 minute massage she adjusted it to a 60 minute massage. I got in to see Chloe who offered me a hug and I pretty much dissolved in her arms. The massage was great, so very much needed, and when I finished I went back out to the desk. Chloe was there with a chocolate quinoa muffin and another hug for me, and the woman at the desk processed my gift card and gave me back a credit on the card to put towards my next treatment.I am not someone who is comfortable crying anywhere but alone in the shower, but these two young women were so kind, thoughtful and respectful of my space. I really appreciate that alone, never mind the above and beyond gestures of the little cupcake and letting me carry over the balance of my gc for next time. I was fully expecting to just lose out on the time that I missed while driving in. My body needed some TLC but my psyche needed it more and they totally came through.I’m in the process of sharing this story on all the facebook groups I’m on (I’m 38 weeks pregnant which didn’t help the whole controlling of my emotions thing) and praising you and your team to the moon. I’ve been coming to you for quite a while, I don’t come in regularly but when I do go for a massage it is always to Equilbrium. I will absolutely continue to do so and will make sure that I recommend you to all my friends, family, random people I meet through my work, wherever an opportunity presents itself. Thank you