Kalika G.

July 24th, 2019

I went to equilibrium as a recommendation by a friend. This was an amazing experience! I had my first massage with Brenly. This was amazing! She targeted all the spots that were tight and was very careful on the tender muscles. I left without paying a dime because they direct billed my insurance provider! This experience was so awesome I decided to try Acupuncture as well. I found a time slot super easily on their appointment scheduler online. I went in for my second appointment with equilibrium and my very first ever acupuncture treatment. Kat was amazing and she explained what she was doing and why. She asked a lot of questions and targeted areas that were important tome. She even took away a lot of the pain in my neck from working at a desk all day. I decided that I absolutely love coming to Equilibrium! Yesterday I noticed they also have a chiropractor!!!!! So I made an appointment to see Dr. Marc! BONUS POINTS because he was available that afternoon! I left there feeling like a whole new human! I am the happiest of all customers. Yesterday I went into the scheduler and booked up all the appointments my benefits would allow. THANK YOU EQUILIBRIUM and THANK YOU COURTNEY L. for the referral!!! BEst decision ever!