Lenora A.

July 22nd, 2019

Brenda – as always – u guys offer a great service and I have had a number of therapists at Equilibrium – I have never had a bad experience – yesterday I came in because of an injury – I am a little tender today but vastly improved – I am reminded that I need to get back – if I ever was REALLY in one – to a routine – an ongoing regularly scheduled appts – but your model of service – with 7 days and excellent therapists whom I know you are vetting and evaluating is just very reassuring – I have several colleagues whom I have sent in either ‘emergencies’, that is from out of town and in pain, or just local looking for a good therapist and everyone has been happy – no one has expressed anything but happiness with the service and I know all continue to use the service. This is selfish on my part I want you to continue to do well because I just want you guys to be there when I need you – I love your staff, I love the model of care and I thank you.